The Oliver group uses an arsenal of experimental techniques, including multidimensional ultrafast laser spectroscopies with high temporal and spectral resolution, to investigate ultrafast molecular relaxation dynamics, energy and charge transfer in a range of chemicals, biomolecules, de novo proteins and natural photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes. As well as using established experimental techniques, we also actively develop novel ultrafast experiments.

Job vacancy: postdoctoral researcher position to establish femtosecond to millisecond ultrafast experiment to study electron and energy transfer in photobiological systems. More details can be found here.

Recent news stories: Teo’s carbon dot paper published, BBSRC sLoLa grant success, 6-year EPSRC programme grant starts, Giordano and Olivia pass viva voce exams.

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Our research is funded by the Royal Society, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and Horizon 2020 European Commission.