Group Alumni

Daniel Polak, Postdoc 2019-2022

Post-doc with Andrew Ellis at the University of Leicester

Fabiola Cardoso Delgado, PhD student 2018-2022

Post doc with Steve Bradforth at USC

Gui Marczak Giorio, MSci project student 2021-2022

PhD student with Carmen Galan at Bristol

Rhys Jackson, BSc project student 2021-2022

Giordano Amoruso, PhD student 2017-2021


Tom Swift, Post-doc 2018-2020

Patent Attorney at EIP

Victoria Taylor, PhD student 2016-2020

von Humboldt Fellow with Ralph Ernstorfer at FHI Berlin

Marta Duchi, PhD student 2016-2020

Research and development scientist with ObvioTec. Former FP-RESOMUS Postdoctoral Fellow with Peter Hamm at the University of Zurich

Una Tobin, MSci and summer Project student 2019-2020

Consulting Development Analyst at Accenture

Kate Schroeder, MSci Project Student 2019-2020

Kate completed a PGCE degree at the University of Oxford and is now a newly qualified teacher

Sabreenna Djuli, MSci Project Student 2018-2019

Tom Cozens, MSci Project Student 2018-2019

Counselling and Psychotherapy course at Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London

Aditi Bhattacherjee, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2017-2018

Aditi is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa.

Adam Kirwan, MSci Project Student 2017-2018

Adam is a Diamond Science and Technology CDT PhD student at the University of Bristol with Neil Allan

Piriyan Kalamohan, MSci Project Student 2017-2018

Rhea Kumar, MSci Project Student 2016-2017

Post doc with Helen Fielding at UCL, previously a PhD student with Artem Bakulin at Imperial College London.

Emma Goodband, MSci Project Student 2016-2017

Gary Wan, BCFN theta student, 2015-2016

Gary is now a post-doc in the Richard Wirz at UCLA. Previously he was a PhD student with Neil Fox.