Carotenoid paper accepted!

My paper detailing the complex non-radiative relaxation dynamics of β-apo-8′-carotenal (bapo) in acetonitrile and cyclohexane solutions has been accepted into the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. My work allows us to definitively rule out any excited state trans-cis isomerisation in the ultrafast relaxation pathways of bapo, and lineshapes in 2D electronic-vibrational (2DEV) spectra allow for a more rigorous assignment of the excited state vibrations of bapo in acetonitrile. Further, the electronic and vibrational lineshapes in 2DEV spectra remain correlated for longer than the S2 lifetime, indicating that the transfer of molecules to the S1 state is impulsive, and involves a conical intersection in the vertical Franck-Condon region.

This article is available online now here.

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